Most of us don’t need another reason to get a car wash… it’s one of those things always on our to-do lists, right? This December, though, two local business owners gave people a very good second reason to get a car wash!

Brian Martin and David Johnson, owners of Interlinx Technologies, LLC, wanted to give back to their community at the holidays. “And we wanted to do something different,” Martin said.

They decided to host a fundraiser during the month of December at the two local car washes they operate, the Beaches Car Wash & Gift Gallery and the St. Nicholas Car Wash. In the spirit of holiday giving, Martin and Johnson decided to donate $5 for every Express Package sold and $2 for every Works Package sold that month. They recently visited LSS to present proceeds from the event–over $5,000!

“We wanted to give to an organization that does so much for the community and touches so many lives here in North Florida,” Martin said. “Lutheran Social Services is a broader organization that helps give in the form of education, employing people with a wide variety of skills, and feeding those that are less fortunate, just to name a few. It is for these reasons that we chose LSS.”

LSS is so grateful for this generous donation–and to everyone who participated in their unique fundraiser!