LSS team member Melody Perry was delighted to talk to WJCT’s Melissa Ross on First Coast Connect recently about the Money Minders program. Click here to listen!

Money Minders is a service of LSS that manages income for clients to ensure their bills get paid on time and that their basic living needs are met. This service is available to anyone, but is particularly helpful for those incapable of managing finances due to mental illness, developmental disability or some other challenge. By making sure clients’ bills get paid on time, Money Minders keeps a roof overhead for those at-risk for homelessness, and keeps their lights on.

Nakia Hinton, who appeared on the radio program with Perry, is grateful for the service. Hinton’s daughter has a health condition that makes it very difficult to manage her finances. Money Minders gives Hinton peace of mind because she knows her daughter’s bills will always be paid on time.

“It takes a lot of stress off me,” Hinton said on the program.

In addition to paying clients’ bills, Money Minders helps clients set budgets, and disburses the remainder of their income to them in manageable sums on a convenient reloadable debit card. If you’d like to learn more about Money Minders, visit, or call (904) 730-8282.