Money Management

Helping the Underserved Manage Finances

Managing personal finances can be challenging for anyone, but for some, a lack of financial understanding and skill can lead to serious problems, like the cutoff of utilities or eviction. For people with mental illness, developmental disability, substance abuse or other challenges, this can be the beginning of the cycle of homelessness.

Fortunately, our Money Minders program can provide financial management services for people not capable of spending their money appropriately.

Many of those the program serves are people who struggle with mental illness, developmental disabilities or HIV/AIDS, as well as those who have children in the court system. The program is also available to private clients, such as the elderly or children taking care of elderly patients. In fact, the program regularly helps seniors in an ongoing partnership with ElderSource.

Money Minders the only program in Northeast Florida that manages Social Security checks to ensure that people’s basic living needs are met and that vendors, family members or friends are not taking financial advantage of their vulnerability. Fiscal coordinators in the Money Minders program help clients set budgets, pay their bills for basic living expenses and give them spending stipends.

The program serves an average of 680 people each month, ensuring they are living in safe environments and getting the ongoing support they need.

“I was a hairdresser until panic attacks made it impossible for me to work anymore. I was diagnosed with severe depression and an anxiety disorder, which made it hard to manage a lot of things, including paying my rent and other bills. I appreciate everything Jerome and his team has done for me. My sister and I call them living angels. If I have any problems, I can pick up the phone and talk to them. There’s a lot of love there, a lot of love.”

Janice Salem, Money Minders client