Refugee Services


  • Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida has welcomed refugees to Jacksonville for more than 35 years. Over the years we’ve helped people escape desperate situations in Vietnam, Laos, Bosnia, Ukraine, the former Soviet Union, Bhutan, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, Burma and the Congo.
  • Our diverse Refugee Services program team – hailing from 14 countries and speaking 17 languages – helps refugees create new lives in this country.
  • Refugee Services staff and volunteers begin the resettlement process well before refugee families arrive by preparing apartments with furniture, basic living staples and food. Once settled, the Refugee Services team conducts a 90-day orientation program that helps refugees connect with vital resources, enroll their children in schools, obtain proper work forms and manage healthcare issues.
  • For refugees who have medical or other types of issues that require more extensive management than can be resolved in 90 days, the Refugee Services program offers integration assistance.
  • The Refugee Services Program is the only area program that offers refugees employment services designed to foster self-sufficiency.
  • We are experienced and know how to help, and with our network of supporters and community partners we are ready to do everything we can for refugee families when they arrive.
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The new executive order temporarily suspending the U.S. refugee resettlement program has been put on hold by federal judges in multiple states. The refugee services team at Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida is monitoring the situation closely and continues to work with refugee families every day here in Jacksonville. 

For over 35 years, we have successfully helped thousands of refugees find opportunities for new beginnings in America as they flee violence, oppression and persecution around the world. We are asking the community for support during this time of uncertainty for our refugee families. Jacksonville has always been a community that welcomes refugees and asylum seekers, and we’re confident that our citizens will continue to show local refugees that they can be an integral part of our community.


  • The U.S. resettled 85,000 refugees in 2016
  • Jacksonville has the sixth-largest population of refugees in the country.
  • In Jacksonville, Lutheran Social Services, together with two other nonprofit agencies, resettled a total of 884 refugees last year.
  • Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida successfully settled 69 refugees in North Florida this fiscal year.

“After the Taliban consolidated its control over Afghanistan during the country’s Civil War, my family and I were forced to leave our homeland and seek refuge in Pakistan. In 2004, I arrived in this country at 8 years old. The Lutheran Social Services Refugee Services team resettled my family in an apartment in Jacksonville and found my mother a job opportunity. My life simply wouldn’t be the same without Lutheran Social Services.”

Ali Abdulzahir, refugee from Afghanistan